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"Eloise is one of the more delightfully fiendish literary heroines of our time." -- Edward I. Koch (former NYC mayor!!!)


At the end of Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight's first meeting in 1954, Thompson " Wrote twelve lines on a piece of paper and handed it to him. 'I'm going to write this book,' I said. 'I'll leave this with you. If you're interested, get in touch with me.' Then I spoke a few words of Eloisiana and left."
It's only fitting then, to refer to Eloise's speech and mannerisms as Eloisiana. There are many that are identified with Eloise, such as: "This is me, Eloise" and "Charge it please" Her favorite expressions: "Oh, my Lord!" and "For Lord's sake"  With a British Nanny, Eloise has picked up Nanny's usage of: "cawn't" and "rawther" 
And she uses the same word three times in a row for emphasis: "Nanny gets up feeling tired tired tired and puts on her kimono and skibbles over to slam those windows down so that we don't freeze freeze freeze" 
Eloise likes to use "S" words to describe what she does: Skibbles up and down the stairs Skidders two sticks along the walls Slomps her feet against the woodwork Scampers up a ladder Sklonks the barber in the kneecap
Of course, there are other things that Eloise says and does that are equally memorable: "Kleenex makes a very good hat" "An egg cup makes a very good hat" "Toe shoes make very good ears" "Paper cups are very good for talking to Mars"