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Eloise is a little girl who lives at The Plaza Hotel in New York. She is not yet pretty but she is already a Person. Henry James would want to study her. Queen Victoria would recognize her as an Equal. The New York Jets would want to have her on their side. Lewis Carroll would love her (once he got over the initial shock). She knows everything about The Plaza. She is interested in people when they are not boring. She has Inner Resources. If you take her home with you, you will always be glad you did.
Here she is at Christmastime Complete with tinsel and holly Singing fa la la la lolly And over the roar of the jingle bells.  
Here's the thing of it: Paris has just been discovered by Eloise the little girl from the Plaza.
With the freezing wind blowing and the snow flying, Eloise, Nanny, and Weenie arrive in Moscow.
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"Eloise is one of the more delightfully fiendish literary heroines of our time." -- Edward I. Koch (former NYC mayor!!!)

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ELOISE has been celebrated at the PLAZA, in PARIS, at CHRISTMASTIME, in MOSCOW. Now ELOISE takes a plunge in the BAWTH.  
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The original Eloise story and pictures with an Eloise scrapbook with absolutely loads of information that you simply cawn't cawn't cawn't get anywhere else.
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Frankly, one can never have too much Eloise, the ultimate joy is to see four favorite titles collected in one enormous volume.
By    1959,    there    were    four    published    and    one unpublished   "Eloise"   books.   Only   the   first   book, Eloise:    a    book    for    precocious    grown    ups     had remained   in   print.   You   can   pick   up   a   copy   of   the original    issues    of    the    books    from    a    bookstore specializing    in    antiquarian    books    or    on    the internet    via    Biblio     or   ABEBooks     or    the    online auctions   at   Ebay .   However,   you   must   be   willing   to pay   a   hefty   price.   A   first   edition   of   Eloise   at Christmastime  can go for as much as $500.00. With   the   assent   of   Kay   Thompson's   estate,   in   May 1999,   Simon   &   Schuster   published   a   new   edition of   the   original,   The   Essential   Eloise ,   the   classic Eloise   story   with   a   16-page   Eloise   scrapbook,   by Vanity   Fair   writer   Marie   Brenner   and   illustrated with            never-before-seen            photographs, memorabilia   and   sketches   from   the   collection   of Hilary   Knight.   S&S   also   reissued   Eloise   in   Paris   in May   1999.   These   books   were      followed   by   Eloise at   Christmastime   in   the   fall   1999   and   Eloise   in Moscow   in   spring   2000   and   Eloise's   Guide   to   Life in   June   of   the   same   year.      In   2002,   Eloise   Takes   a Bawth,   the   first   new   Eloise   book   in   40   years   was finally published.
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If you're bored with your life and want to be more like me, Eloise Then buy this BOOK for Lord's sake and CHARGE IT PLEASE Eloise LOVES Christmas, and she's spreading holiday cheer all over The Plaza Hotel. She has quite a bit of trimming to do: the halls, the tree, and everything in sight!
Other spinoff books in the Eloise franchise are only loosely based on Thompson’s characters, posthumously authorized by her estate and published by Simon & Schuster.