"Eloise is one of the more delightfully fiendish literary heroines of our time." -- Edward I. Koch (former NYC mayor!!!)

"I am Eloise.  I am six.  I am a city

child.  I live at the Plaza." 

Thus begins our introduction to Eloise.  Born circa 1949 and introduced to us in 1955, Eloise's adventures have come to life in a series of four books.  We learn all about Eloise, Nanny, her "rawther" British nanny, her dog Weenie who looks like a cat, and her turtle Skipperdee who eats raisins and wears sneakers. An international traveler, Eloise has been to Paris and Moscow too! Eloise endlessly roams the landmark hotel in search of adventure. She attends weddings, invited or not. She spies on debutantes as they dance in the Terrace Room. The morning routine includes helping the maid change the sheets, even if she doesn't ask for help.  This is her website containing everything about her, information on the books, her author Kay Thompson, her illustrator Hilary Knight and much more!  
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Sweet Shoppe
Picnic in the Park
Where Are They Today?
Q. What are Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight doing these days? A. Kay Thompson passed away, or as she referred to as "joined the choir" on July 2, 1998. You can read her obituary on the Kay Thompson  section of the website.  Hilary Knight lives in New York City and continues to draw Eloise.  He is on staff at Vanity Fair Magazine and has many other projects, as he is a much sought after illustrator. You can see a current picture of Mr. Knight in an April, 2013 news article on the Hilary Knight section of the website.
Star Spangly
Vintage Eloise items can be found on ebay. You can find a nice assortment of the Madame Alexander Eloise dolls at Matilda Dolls.  
Eloise Then and Now
Looking for Eloise?
Content contained on this site is focused on the history of Kay Thompson’s Eloise.  Current  spinoffs in the Eloise franchise are loosely based on Thompson's characters and are only touched upon in this website.